Marketplace Channel Management Service

Strategy, Optimization, and Execution
  • Optimize the discoverability and ranking of your products
  • Implement best practices and techniques to increase sessions and conversions
  • Develop merchandising strategies for each channel
  • Recommend and facilitate the implementation of operations techniques which will help to maximize feedback, ratings, and ranking
  • Evaluate and revise category-mapping where necessary
  • Identify and schedule promotional opportunities
Advanced Analytics, Reporting, and Data
  • Analyze product performance and sales by channel in one simple seller dashboard
  • Customized reporting to view sales trends by channel
  • Velocity reporting allows you to stay on top of the trends and source products strategically
Pricing Strategies
  • Proprietary pricing tools which help calculate net margin prior to even selling the item
  • Set margin requirements to safeguard your retail pricing
  • Opportunity to reprice catalog daily to stay competitive
  • Evaluate FBA costs and fees before shipping
Operational and Fulfillment Strategies and Consulting
  • In-depth look into customer reviews and feedback across channels and social media
  • Develop strategies for specific channels to sell through older and clearance inventory