Sweet Valley has worked in numerous categories including women’s apparel, equestrian apparel and gear, infant and juvenile gear, skincare, and industrial and residential locks. Sweet Valley will act as an extension of your business and assume the role of marketplace manager. We will manage existing marketplace channels while building new marketplace business and opportunities.


  • Building and managing as many SKUs as needed to create a comprehensive personalized product catalog that can be distributed across an unlimited number of channels


  • Creation and management of product listings for online marketplaces
  • Bulk listing ability to launch multiple product listings at a time as quickly as possible
  • Kitting and Bundling, making it easier to pair similar products and sell them as a single item.
  • Multichannel Integration, allowing you to post the same listing across multiple channels for maximum product exposure

Account Management

  • Order Management to effectively and efficiently make sure that your products get to where they need to go on time
  • Inventory Management services to always make sure that your products are in stock and ready for distribution
  • Drop ship management to help keep inventory and shipping costs low.
  • Shipping service integrations to decrease shipping time and hassle


  • Analyze product performance and predict future sales trends by channel in one simple seller dashboard
  • Analyze competitor activity to keep you one step ahead in the marketplace
  • Customized reporting to view sales trends by channel
  • Velocity reporting allows you to stay on top of the trends and source products strategically
  • Marketplace Insights and Strategy Development to give you an edge in an increasingly competitive online market
  • Proprietary pricing tools which help calculate net margin prior to even selling the item
  • Set margin requirements to safeguard your retail pricing
  • Opportunity to reprice catalog daily to stay competitive


  • Assortment Management to help you choose the products that will maximize sales and profit
  • Customized weekly report
  • Develop strategies for specific channels to sell through older and clearance inventory