• Content Management
  • Optimize the discoverability and ranking of your products
  • Evaluate and revise category-mapping where necessary
  • Identify opportunities for kitting and bundling products

Marketplace Operations

  • Develop merchandising strategies for each channel
  • Cross-channel bulk listings means you reach your customer wherever they shop
  • Recommend and facilitate the implementation of operations techniques which will help to maximize feedback, ratings, and ranking
  • Identify and schedule promotional opportunities
  • Develop strategies for specific channels to sell through older and clearance inventory

Data Management, Manipulation, & Analytics

  • Extract data from channels, apps, databases, etc.
  • Process and transform data into easy-to-read reporting
  • Analyze sales history and trends to identify opportunities and help build predictive models

Warehouse Operations & Logistics

  • Develop recommendations and process specifications to optimize ecommerce pick/pack/ship processes
  • Analyze inventory and shipments to maximize freight profitability for multiple warehouse locations