Sweet Valley Venture will assume the role of marketplace manager for the client. SV will manage existing marketplace channels while building new marketplace business and opportunities. SV will serve as the middle man between the client and the marketplace.


    Client Responsibilities

    • Create new marketplace accounts
    • Provide SV with account access to marketplaces

    Customer Service

    • Address and answer all customer service emails and phone calls
    • Handles all returns per channel requests


    • All day-to-day purchasing responsibilities such as buying and product set up


    • Create and manage all CPC campaigns


    • Provide and maintain daily product feed
    • Provide regular inventory updates
    • Provide tracking feeds once orders ship


    Sweet Valley Responsibilities

    Customer Service

    • Provide feedback rankings and reviews from each marketplace
    • Provide guidance in answering specific channel based questions


    • Provide reporting on top selling items/trends per marketplace
    • Analyze trends and provide insight into product performance for ordering/restocking purposes
    • Evaluate costs and fees associated with switching products to FBA in regards to Amazon Marketplace

    Marketplace Relationships

    • Work with channel managers to offer incentives and schedule promotional opportunities on channels


    • Integrate with customer and each approved Marketplace
    • Manage inventory feeds, order flow, and submit tracking to marketplaces